Powder Filling line

  • Powder Filling line


Machine Name

Model No.

Total Power


Automatic Twin head Powder Filling Machine JET-PF60SR-2 6 kW

Up to 70 Fills Per Min depending upon the container size and the product Quantity .

Automatic Foil Sealing machine JET-FOL-01 1.75 kW Up to 60 Bottles per Minute ( depending on the size of the bottles)
Automatic Single Head Capping Machine JET-CAP-SH 1.5 kW Up to 60 BPM (Depending on the size and Shape of the Bottles.
Automatic Bottle Body Sleeving machine JET- NS 9 kW Up to 60 – 70 Bottles/ Min. (Depending on the efficiency of the operators loading)